28 Oct 2013

Detachable collars for a certain sense of grandeur

Tonight I attended to my detachable collars to make sure they are ready for use. I love the look of detachable collars which gives the attire a certain sense of grandeur.
Tomorrow I will wear the double round collar with a striped shirt and my brown 1960s 3 piece suit to work.
I stock my detachable collars in a vintage Edwardian leather collar box. Lots of age and wear to the box, but beautiful in colours and shape.

Edwardian collar box
I have wing collars for formal use with evening dress, but also collars to wear with lounge suits.

From left: soft collar, high double "casual" collar, double round collar

From left: Edwardian wing collar, high stiff wing collar, butterfly stiff wing collar
All collars are purchased from Darcy Clothing in East Sussex, England. I have chosen to acquire washable collars to ease the maintenance.
The studs are kept in a small leather stud box, that fits brilliantly in the middle.
I found the stud box at Ebay.

Stud box with long and short collar studs, MOP and Black Onyx shirt studs and a MOP button for my white tie waistcoat. 

23 Oct 2013

Linen waistcoat with a chalkstripe suit

Inspired by the picture in Mr. Fox's Journal this week one might consider to acquire this beautiful vintage linen waistcoat from Savvy Row to wear not only with my morning suit, but also with my 1960s chalkstripe suit... And also a pair of spectator shoes.
The cream linen waistcoat is priced at £65.

Linen waistcoat from Savvy Row

From Mr. Fox's Journal

Cheaney Edwin spectator shoes

14 Oct 2013

1930s style

Getting ready for a walk in the lovely autumn afternoon. The vintage 1932 bespoke suit fits very well to the golden tones of autumn leaves.
I absolutely love the shoulders of this jacket...
I am wearing a high informal detachable collar with my double cuff shirt. The tie is Italian made in vintage silk; from Ralph Lauren. 
For my walk I also wore a bond flat cap and unlined gloves in brown calf from British Dents.

13 Oct 2013

Driving gear

I believe that an important part of being well-dressed is being dressed appropriately to the occasion; like wearing tweed and not a chalkstripe worsted suit when walking in slight rain in the countryside. 
When I have to drive for a distance like last weekend's seven hour drive (forth and back) to Copenhagen I favour my driving gear: my driving gloves in calf from Randers Handsker, my dark brown driving shoes from Ralph Lauren and finally the sunglasses from Italian Ermenegildo Zegna. 
Neither fits to my vintage bespoke attire and will not be worn outside of the car, but the gear protects my goodyear welted shoes, my eyes and my hands while driving - brilliant.

That's just the ticket!

In regards to soft drinks I've always favoured the lemonade. Yesterday I discovered the Fentimans Victorian Lemonade - and I say: that's just the ticket! The flavour is marvellous and the history that comes with the traditional brewing is indespendable. Well done, I say!

This subject might not be of relevance for my attire, but it suits the Britishness and craftmanship of my vintage suits very well...

10 Oct 2013

Latest news on the Merchant Fox

I am pleased to share with you that The Danish Chap's Attire Chronicles is on the "Latest news" column on The Merchant Fox website.

The homepage of The Merchant Fox

If you have not yet investigated the website of The Merchant Fox I strongly recommend you to plunge into this site of British luxury goods.

You will most certainly also enjoy Mr. Fox's journal with many inspiring examples of impeccable British craftmanship.

Racing green Globe-Trotter case - picture from Mr. Fox's Journal

8 Oct 2013

Dressing gown for warmth and comfort

I never knew the advantages of a proper dressing gown before I got this beautiful vintage burgundy wool dressing gown from Ebay. 

Our house is mainly heated by the wood burning stove in the living room, so at this time of year the temperature might be a tad to the cold side. This gives me the opportunity to hang the suit jacket in the closet and slip on the dressing gown for warmth and comfort when I come home from work.
I have convinced my self that the dressing gown protects the waistcoat and suit trousers from creases and doghair sitting in the couch.
My dressing gown is of mid-calf lenght.

6 Oct 2013

Sunday with the family in my brown 1960s suit

Attending the birthday party of my younger brother's girlfriend in my brown 3 piece 1960s bespoke suit. 
The suit was quite a catch - tailormade in the early 60s but apparently never worn. I bought the suit from Victory vintageLondon. The only altering needed was shortening the sleeve cuffs by half an inch.
Also wearing a red carnation, a white double cuff shirt, an Antonio Muro self-tipped silk tie from Exquisite Trimmings, peccary gloves and a brown wool felt Fedora.

The composition is inspired by the character Hans Christian Varnæs in the Danish TV series "Matador". In the TV series this scene takes place in the late 1930s.

Actor Holger Juul Hansen in Matador